You: a female entrepreneur with a fabulous business, but the word ‘operations’ breaks you out in a rash

Me: a business organizational unicorn with a penchant for spreadsheets

Let’s face it. The word ‘operations’ is usually found next to the word ‘manual’. And that sounds like the most boring thing since the dawn of time.

My guess? You’re either nodding your head or wondering: what the heck are operations? (In case you fall into the second category, they’re structured online systems that allow your business to run super smoothly, save you more time, and make you more money. Crappy systems basically equals insanity.)

Either way, I’m your knight lady in shining sparkling armor. As a business organizational consultant, I will tell you exactly what you need to do to get exactly where you want to be. You’ll be so freaking organized you won’t even recognize yourself.

Gimme a fist bump (or a cheeseburger, your call) for each one that applies:

  • You wish for the freedom to leave your business systems in the capable hands of your team and travel the world
  • You wish for the money to scale your business and donate to your favorite charity for young girls
  • You wish for the legacy of a business that was run with so much soul Aretha would be jealous and that transformed the lives of every single person who was connected to it

Ummm, are your knuckles hurting as much as mine?

Jump / dive / sashay into an experience with me and alllll of those wishes can come true.

You’ll be able to start your journey soon…