As far as you’re concerned, there’s only one thing that PMS stands for, and it ain’t project management system.

Warning: prone to using the word ‘balls’.

So, you’re a lady. And by lady, I mean that you have lady parts, not that you’re a prim and proper, pinstripe-suit wearing corporate clone who sips tea with their little finger sticking out. (And if you are, you’re on the wrong website.)

Having said that, you’re also a lady with balls. Metaphorical ones, of course. You’re making magical shiz happen in your business and you’re primed to sucker punch anyone who tries to get in your way – because you know it’s going to be PHENOMENAL.

My guess? Working with clients lights you up like a Christmas tree. But the thought of properly organizing your business plunges you into a black hole of oh shits and WTFs. Come on, you’d rather pull your own eyebrows out than plan out every minute detail of your next launch, amiright? Mapping out all the tasks… scheduling in a timeline… linking up all the right software…

Luckily, that’s what I’m here for. I’m Tiffany (heyyyy) and I’m also a lady with lady parts (what are the chances?). The operations side of running a business that makes you want to emigrate to Mars actually turns me on a bit. I’m a business organizational consultant and, basically, I love spreadsheets as much as I love cheeseburgers. Which is a LOT. Probably too much, actually.

That might make me a weirdo, but it also makes me a serious asset when it comes to business systems and organization. Here’s why.

  • Solid systems save you tons of time. You can quit driving yourself crazy doing admin or strategy or planning and focus on serving more clients.
  • Having your business operations streamlined means you can save more money and make more money at the same time. That’s a win win in anyone’s book.
  • I’ve been trusted to help run boutique coaching businesses for almost five years. Want proof? I was Nisha Moodley’s right hand gal for 2 years. I’ve also run several of my own businesses, including a custom cake venture and a wicked cool blog.
  • I’ve got your back no matter what gets thrown at it. (Except banana skins, hate those.) I’ve helped clients launch international retreats, digital magazines, and more products and services than you can wiggle your mouse at.
  • The planning and systematizing that you hate to do but that’s essential for the business growth you want, is my strawberry jam. Need to onboard a new team member? Sorted. Need to plan out a launch strategy? Sorted. Need to map out every single step of a project? Also sorted.

When you add all of that up, I bet it’s obvious we’d make a sweet-as-a-lemon-drop team. (With extra vodka.) You can be out there changing lives and killing it on the business dance floor, and I can be over here changing data and killing it on the backend.

So, if you’re looking for the the yin to your yang, the INFJ to your [XXXX], the cheese to your burger, I’m your gal.

Other stuff that makes my heart go boom-boom.

  • Literally anything that sparkles. I loooooove sparkles. To the point where I’m convinced I was a magpie in a former life. (Having said that, I have the eyes of a freaking hawk, so maybe I was a cross-breed.)
  • The color pink, because how can you not go ga-ga when you see it?
  • My family (gotta mention those superstars somewhere).
  • My CLIENTS. They all rock my world like Elvis.
  • Pizza. With all the cheese.
  • Karamel sutra ice cream.
  • Many other foods but if I listed them all this page would never end.
  • Living life like fairies exist. Way more fun.
  • Spreadsheets (OBVIOUSLY).

Ready to rock yourself some systems with lady balls?